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Miniature Horse Blankets
A mother daughter team making supplies for Miniature Horses, Donkeys, Goats, and dogs.

All of the items we make, can be custom made to the colors and sizes needed. Our blankets can be used for dogs, goats, miniature donkeys, miniature horses, and ponies.

Do you have miniature horses and/or donkeys?
Have you had times when you needed a blanket and couldn't find one to fit your little friend?

We have mini's and after not being able to find blankets to fit we decided to make our own.

Please take a look at our blankets.
Some are made of fleece, tapestry fabric, heavy lycra, woven fabrics, and water resistant fabrics. All but the lycra are lined.
They have a lap over front closure that attaches with velcro to customize the fit to your animal.
The belly strap is made with polypropelene strap, elastic and velcro to customize the fit to your animal.

Sizes vary from the tiny newborn foal to the B size mini.
NEWBORN= 18"-22"
WEANLING =24"-26"
YEARLING = 28"-32"
We also have sizes 36", 40", 44", and 48"

To find out what size you need measure your animal from the center of the chest to the center of the butt (tail). And also so that I can adjust them to fit properly measure the girth. The blankets do have adjustable elastic and velcro straps but some may still need a little adjustment.

Take a look around our site and contact us if we can help you keep you or your little friend  warm and snug.

e-mail addresses are "" or ""

Visit our sister website at that showcases our mini horses and donkeys, our Alpine goats, sometimes manx kittens, guineas, and chickens.